Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I, was in every effect, staying out of the way. This was my fourth set of movers in a two week period, my seventh move in a year.

In a way I couldn't feel more unproductive, running in circles seemed to be a way of life.

To make use of time I sat in the sun in the porch of my short stint of a home reading for Cohen's Torts class. Negligence, Battery, Assault, Intentional and Unintentional.

From where I sat I could see Chad and Jose load the truck. I knew it would all fit but I wondered why I bothered owning anything at all. It seems the more nomadic I become, I also grow increasingly sentimental.

I saw on the far porch a spot in the shade and without really looking up from the case I was reading I started to walk over when something shimmering in the sunlight of the afternoon stopped me.

I had nearly completely ruined the most extensive and picture perfect spider's web I had ever seen belonging to a proud architect seated comfortably at it's heart. It crossed the porch from front to back and had wings extending to the far east side of the house. I had nearly been completely covered in fine, sticky silk. I speculate that would have been to Steve's trapping pleasure till I left him homeless and unfed. Steve, the spider, was brown with red specks and totally spared my distructive step.

I set my papers down and reached for the camera on my phone. I tried to photograph what was virtually invisible catching only shadows and reflected light. Steve posed with valor at the helm of his castle.

Then a small trivial breeze blew the top sheet of my torts homework into the web, which held its weight for half a breath, then fell taking the incredible web down with it.

My heart crashed to the bottom of my chest and I cried out for Steve who had retreated to the side of the porch and scurried away.

Negligence, Battery, Assault, Intentional and Unintentional.

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