Wednesday, September 5, 2012

chapters, if read, are remembered most, by those in love with the characters

Driving over the Bay Bridge, a good soul will note the remarkable feat bridge building is.
The expanse goes noticed and awe is expressed.

A good soul works tirelessly, to see the pieces of their heart under one roof.
Come rain or shine, that heart is like a hearth of sun when the house is full of joy and noise.

Such a darling soul will cry, with grace and gratitude, when surrounded by those near and dear.
Overwhelmed with thanks that the near and dear surround.

The sweet old soul places value in the things that we need most, and stretches far to bring the gold of life together.
Even if the effort tires and pains.
Those rich this way don't know anything but light.

If it weren't for this gold soul, we'd just be masses minding our own lots of happiness.

But for her we are better, she made friends of strangers, and for decades ever after -
I hope we'll have each other to thank her for that.