Tuesday, January 19, 2010

judgment as a matter of law

as we passed in the doorway one said to the other
"Is that cashmere?"
I was handed half a cup of beer from a keg

The cup seemed normal, so did the music

But he was wearing cashmere and pleated pants

to a kegger.

clothes mean nothing to me.

as for the ensemble,

had his arrogance been instead a fedora

I could have loved him.

Monday, January 11, 2010

"My Nature Just Changes" - J. Hendrix

I'm sitting in Miraflores, a part of Lima Peru known to be a gringo's home away from home. I'm on my way home.

Thanks to everyone for spending 2009 with me on this blog. I'm about to start a second year of it and hope it will be as wonderful a year as 2009 was.

A little review:


Ran, a lot
Moved, no less than three times. Sigh.
Started Law School
My family got bigger
My friends made mini versions of themselves, amazing.
Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, France, Turkey, Greece, Peru, Ecuador....
Gave up my car
Generally enjoyed life.

2010 will be a year on the move like 2009. I mean I've already hiked up to Machu Picchu, so its off to a good start.

This year I approach a new decade in my life and I am proud of the way I've come... no cartographer could chart it, but it seems to suit me fine.

I board a plane tomorrow to get back to the address on my checks. I hope to be home by the end of 2010. Globe trotting wise my next trip will be in the company of my family to Guatemala in July. I am truly looking forward to that and it is the most important event on my horizon.

I am a little overwhelmed right now. I can tell now why last year I wasn't able to write much of anything in January. Its such a jumble of emotions and processing one year to the next. I can't muster a single flame in my head.

I was awake last week heavy with the urge to write, but I had no way at the time. The thought was about meeting people when traveling. It was a strange track of musings just surrounding the chance friendships made when nothing around you is of you at all. Meeting new faces from far away when nothing between you is stable or indicative of anything normal to the other.

You only can know what is plain to see, you don't get the chance to fill in the blanks of a person by their job, home, town, other friends. When you meet someone living out of a suitcase while you are living out of a suitcase its a different experience. I think I prefer it. You need to talk to paint the picture and so much more is left to the imagination and so much less, if nothing, can be left to subconscious profiling in situ. Out of our element I think we are more real. When nothing is certain I think its more sincere.

I am sure something about that will end up here, eventually.

For now I just need to get used to writing 2010.

I'll still be running, I think two marathons this year. I have a few more plans for other healthy improvements that I think will work their ways into my life pretty naturally, they have to or they won't come at all.

I will let you know how it goes, in my cryptic way evident here for the world to see. If a couple good things feel good a few more good things might feel great.

From the lapping waves of the pacific to the slush and snow covered streets of NY - change is my only constant.