Thursday, March 1, 2012

free will

God gave us free will.

Limiting a person's choices to, by some standard, a more "moral" selection does not make the person more moral.

It takes away their free will.

It prevents them from having their own faith.

The ends cannot justify the means.

You cannot save society at the price of the most vulnerable and needy in it.

Rape victims, pregnant women, pregnant girls.

You can't make the best of a bad situation when that situation is your whole life, or a whole new life. Lives are NOT situations.

Priests know nothing of duck lips, hysterectomies or the pain of a polyp being removed.

Introduce me to the Priest who was raped as a child, contracted HIV and still insists condoms are a sacrilege.

Or, a PRIEST who, like most humans becomes exposed to HPV, and later had to lose HIS uterus to cervical cancer.

Never mind, just let me meet the Priest who bled through his dress when his incalculable cycle caught him by surprise twenty minutes before a major meeting at work.

Birth Control is not about religion. Some religions don't practice Birth Control.

Free Will is everyone's GOD given right.

Even if your will is to live without God, that will is freely yours.

By the way, Jesus dined with the sluts.

Roughly eighteen years and $200,000 dollars in tuition invested in my Catholic education and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, this is NOT the right conversation.

For all of the incredible clergy who have taught me, supported me and inspired me, this is not the church that was represented to me through their loving and wonderful spirit.

This stand by this church is a failure to minister and is not indicative of so many great men and women who have in their hearts nothing but love and faith.

The community of Georgetown standing by Ms. Fluke is, however, exactly the church I believed existed.

Catholic leaders aim for either the classroom or the pulpit and I cannot reconcile the two, as they seem so very out of touch from one another.

I have ingrained in me the kind of good sense and passion that comes from classrooms helmed by the Sisters of St. Francis, and I cannot in good conscience rest silent when I see something unjust and wrong.

I would love to see Sr. Carla punish Rush Limbaugh right about now.

I am sure the nuns who fueled my dreams would be hurt to hear I am no longer a Catholic. But, then again, a couple of the nuns that fueled my dreams left the convent to fuel their own.

So while I do think they would respond with prayers, I don't think they'd waste them praying for me. Those women know me well enough to know I am more than fine. I believe they'd pray that this church learn to minister to the women it has raised before it loses them all. Before it rejects them all.

I was taught Jusitia et Pax.

Jusitia et Pax.

Jusitia et Pax.

Free will is a human right.

In grateful thanks to Ms. Millington, Sr. Elish, Sr. Carla, Sr. Daria, Sr. Donna Driscoll, Sr. Margaret Patrick Faye, Sr. Ann Kenyon, Sr. Anne Hennigan, Sr. Nancy, and all the Sisters on the west end of Syracuse who took the time to give a damn in my life.