Monday, September 14, 2009

never underestimate the power of 365 days

In January when I converted this blog over to a different "format" I had one single post. It was about me trying to accomplish something on my life list.

This is the update to that January blog.

Nine months ago I had no idea where my feet would take me. I had no idea at the time I had it in me to start somewhere and finish over twenty-six miles later. I ran a marathon, and I was right Jim Lampman totally ran me through it.

In the winter I just went to the gym almost every night after work, I would just try to run 10% of a marathon, less than three miles. Then I just tried to run a 5k every time, 3.2 miles. Then a little more. I signed up for a St. Patrick's Day 5k at my sister's house in Carolina. Then a 10k in April near Bethesda. Then a half-marathon in CT to visit my brother in June.

Yesterday I ran a marathon in Rochester.

When I decided to sign-up I contacted people to support me. Bunny sent me a desk calendar training plan which was amazing and the best gift I have ever gotten, I teared up when I opened it because she put so much heart into it. I told Jim about the plan and he offered to run with me, which I was hoping he would do. He is now more or less the go-to guy for getting through your fist marathon. He made sure I drank, kept my sugar up, gave me electrolyte capsules, kept pace and even - sang.

It hurt, I was slow and consistent without any injuries or drama. I didn't kill myself, instead now I just want to run another to see if I can improve. I was nervous, didn't sleep, couldn't eat breakfast and now I want to know how I'd run after more than nine months of training and sleep.

After all, I do have a slightly addictive personality, hence the spreading ink on my body.

I think back to the fist time I took the road in Bethesda and how it became a ritual of running through town at night with my thoughts and music, waving at the people who came to expect me passing by. My roommates cheered me on and called me inspiring, I don't think they know how much that helped me into my shoes and out the door.

And the sleep! The glorious sleep from pure exhaustion after a wicked long run was better than any ambien. Running was curing my insomnia, relieving my stress and - making me feel not guilty for peanut butter. It was also the best people watching ever - a lunch time run around the national monuments by the cherry blossoms was a thrill.

Each year my life changes dramatically. There are lows and there are highs. I can say with total clarity the last 365 days have been an absolute high. A year ago today I went and looked at a room on Del Ray with some girls I didn't know. I decided to move to Bethesda. In the last year from that point I found a home and amazing friends, worked on Cap Hill, travelled far, kept a blog, started law school and slowly turned into a "runner."

Never, ever ever EVER underestimate the power of 365 days. Just love it and live each one.

I miss home, I miss my girls, I miss my long runs through the District, but I want to see what kind of magic I can work here in Albany and I will not take any day for granted.

I'm also gonna try to get another half-marathon in before the holidays.


  1. Good job running yesterday :) Glad we got to see you *almost* crossing the finish