Monday, July 6, 2009

Where its read

I prefer a bone china cup of tea in my bed.

Kasha sits in the front room on the couch with sunlight on the pages.

Zak uses the sun as well in his bedroom high back chair with a glass of scotch.

LeAnn sits with her puppies in her lap and feet by Jason on the couch.

Jason sits on the couch with LeAnn.

Sometimes I wander outside.

The first time I read Frankenstein was an afternoon on my swing set.

At camp I read on the dock.

Now I read on the Metro.

In college there was a leather chair in front of a window on the top floor of Lavery Library.

Aunt Sharon sits on the couch under an afghan chewing gum.

Across the room from her Uncle Eddie sits in his recliner with his glasses low on his nose.

Shannon sits in her leather chair in front of the TV with the kids all about her and EWTN on.

Grandma Ella sat in her wheelchair at the end of the table with a cup of tea.

Cat wants to read more.

Jason and I have coffee and seats at Barnes and Noble, for hours.

And then there's always a cup of tea while I lay in bed.

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