Tuesday, June 23, 2009

why not

I have been wondering a great deal about the following topics lately.

Adult Playgrounds:

Remember when it was a challenge to climb the monkey bars? I'd like that again. Can we please have an adult playground? Really high slides, huge jungle gyms and exaggerated teeter totters.
I can not figure out why these don't exist. Instead we'd rather pay fifty dollars a month to run in place in front of CNN.

Gift Exchanges:

Kids, little ones, don't care if something is new. I think schools should have nights where the parents just come exchange crap instead of buying more.

Tents Welcome Here:

Ok, so I travel and I'm cheap. One of the nicest things a stranger ever did for me was invite me to camp in his yard. I was in Florida and the couple was from Montreal and we were seated together at dinner. They gave me their contact info and said if ever I was in Montreal I was welcome in their yard.
I have looked into couch surfing, like the idea. But want to offer my yard someday to anybody who needs it. Why not? If they're the type of people traveling with a tent they are probably ok by me.

Doggy Bag Donation:

The other night I was leaving the restaurant with my family and a homeless man asked me for my leftovers. Sure. No problem. We have such heavily traffic'd restaurant areas why not a little flag on a pole that signals a place to drop off perfectly good food? Hungry? Wait here and half a steak will be with you shortly.

Community Bonfires:

Firestation fundraiser? Ok, I will walk with my sling chair and six pack, give you ten bucks, and you burn something and let me stare at it. Deal.

Sunflower Pirates A'la Zak:

My old neighbor, Zak, is a creative man who loved gardening. One night we took a bunch of Sunflowers he started and planted them around the neighborhood. We hit abandon lots and un-lived in houses, and people who's gardens we deemed too perfect. I still feel the urge to fill abandon lots with sunflowers.

I'm not sure how original my thoughts are, but they're my little thoughts... what are yours?

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