Thursday, June 25, 2009

eight years ago today

Josh and Dad bought a keg.

People drove from all over to Cherry Road.

Jessica and I painted our nails and made chili.

Paul didn't show up.

Jason couldn't make it.

John needed directions.

Jameson brought the funnel.

Its the last night I see Raquel, Lara and Sarah in the same room.

My Dad bought Mom some Mike's Hard Lemonade.

I lent Rory a copy of Live on Two Legs.

Sols and Hightower are monitoring the beer.

My parent's get rid of the police at the door.

Mom was playing drinking games at the table with my friends.

We had a fire in the backyard.

Jess is teaching Yanks a thing or two about beer drinking the British way.

Jess had to go home, this was a party for her.

My neighbors were at their camp.

Ziggy's friend took a liking to Jess.

John and I fix the neighbor's phone and dance as everyone passes out.

That was eight years ago today.

Such a long time ago today.

What if Paul showed?

What if My neighbor's remembered to turn off the answering machine or lock the door?

What if I payed more attention to Cat and not him?

Could Ray Bradbury better explain that butterfly effect?

In my head I know. If it didn't happen the way it did, I would have never learned who I am. It had to happen that way. I never liked an easy lesson. I always have to earn it. I'd rather go up hill, counter current, against the grain. I opt for scars.

So now here I am.

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