Friday, November 9, 2012

a simple guilt. a treasured quilt.

Once upon a time my sister attended college in Fredonia, NY.

On her way home she passed some store some where with some deal that put into the family a few quilts.

One such quilt was green, predominantly, and as a kid I came home to my mother asking me if I liked it on my bed.

Truth be told, I liked another one better.  The other quilt went on a full sized bed and my bed was just a twin.

Years went by and the quilts got softer and worn.

Our family and house fell apart and one quilt stayed with me, another with my sister.

She visited me once, with her family.

She asked for the other quilt, her younger daughter having slept under it just that night under my roof.

Covering her with it was a joy that choked me up.

I didn't let her take it.

Some of the patches on it have come undone.  The stitches no longer hold.

I told her if she ever found herself living alone on her own I would send it to her.

Envy being the monkey's paw.

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