Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sweet nothings

There are so many things happening in the world right now and I am at a loss for words.

But I am sitting here struggling to say something.

Life is fragile, beautiful and brief. Nothing is certain.

These are times that clich├ęs are born.

Nothing is certain.


All the more reason to be more patient with people.

I can’t be everywhere or do much to help this planet right now.

But I can be more patient with everyone.

I am going to try to counteract all of this uncertainty and grief with choosing to be kind. It is the smallest gesture but I am hoping in some phenomenon it helps.

The person pissing you off right now probably knows your pain, only it is as their own and can’t imagine you’ve had a dose.

Probably just projecting it another way, maybe at you.

I got angry last week and vented about not being treated fairly by a professor. But just now I thought of that man having just as much loss and pain in his life as all of us and it killed my anger.

Walking around thinking someone else is better off is a bit ignorant. Does the situation improve by getting angry with someone who properly deserves it? No, or at least not in my world.

Maybe I let the big picture effect me too much. Maybe I take the saying that life is too short too seriously. Whatever. Happiness is a choice, no one can give it to you.

They may want to, they can’t.

People I love call me silly, so be it.

People will be diagnosed with cancer. Young mothers will die. Wars will kill young people. Homes will be foreclosed on. And maybe life will pull you in so many directions that you haven’t been back to the place you were born in years.

These things will happen to each of us.

When it feels like the world is against you I will not be.

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