Tuesday, December 1, 2009


somewhere Pearl St. and Lark I went below
not that I wasn't still running
not that I wasn't still watching traffic
not that I wasn't still listening
somewhere along the way I fell under
cause I can't find myself in my head
cause I can't remember what nothing is
cause I can't shake it or stop
somewhere on the road I slipped down
I'm in no shape for sleep
I'm in no place for peace
I'm in no way the same
somewhere in the cold I started to melt
loosing fear along the mile markers
loosing breath amid the climb
loosing time wasted in worry
somewhere out there I find space
catching up to myself in the shuffle
catching up to these things I chase
catching up to the girl in mirror
I like to stay submerged in it for hours
and it keeps the demons at bay
till I can't hear myself again
then I'm off trying to find the hidden door

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