Sunday, November 15, 2009

at first her name was gabrielle

the way she used to stand for hours knotting threads into bracelets
why was everything teal and purple

dealing cards for snap
sleeping over on school nights
I will never forget how she stood up for jamie
for shannon
and for me

she'll always be my goalie
the one I'd rather loose a lung protecting
than let that CBA bitch take a shot on

she knows she's family to me
our alma maters are not just schools

they are nights at lourdes on the lake
late buses home with P
exit 45 on I90

bonfires and double sessions
freshman bio
cardinal costumes

we don't need a reunion
just plane tickets and time


I was in her new condo, sitting in her dining room
staring at the sketches on her wall
and I could see her
curls and a plaid jumper tole painting

she was always gifted
spray painting reader's digests folded like bells
when she could have perfectly shaded a still life

decades go by quickly
friends stay the same
there with me for the best
holding me for the worst

she'll have to deal with my sentimental heart for a lifetime
and we're just getting started

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