Friday, May 15, 2009


When you are an accident prone individual you get used to a few things. Like always having beaten up shoes because you don't know how to properly walk. Or dents and scratches on your cell phone and mp3 players because things fall right out of your hands. You don't even notice or care how you got the massive bruise on your knee and you have nearly no tension left in the tendons of your ankles cause you roll them daily.

I'm focusing on something else and my mind is in a million places while I count on my body to handle the basics on its own. What's wrong with a little delegation? You crack comments as I trip on the escalator again but if you only knew the idea I just had you'd have fallen down the damn thing.

So I may have hit the wrong button at the ATM or ticket kiosk. This doesn't mean I'm inept for god sake. I don't see the action a priority in comparison to the thought my mind is entertaining. Did it ever occur to you the fact that your hovering is catalysing my frazzle? Its OK, really, I'm fine. I was probably thinking of what color to paint my room or wondering when I last called my sister.

At one point in my life I grew really fast in a really small amount of time, since then I bump my head and stub my toes a lot. I'm too busy worrying about everything I say or trying to wrap my head around why you're saying what you're saying to care where I am walking. I avoid using umbrellas.

I need to pay better attention, but it gets so boring if I do, and then forget it I'm thinking of something else. This is how I am when I run. Luckily, I haven't injured myself yet. I've gotten incredibly good at compensating when I drop what's in my hands or trip. I seem to catch what's falling regularly. Life is graceful this way.

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